Custom Box Pricing: The Breakdown

A lot of companies I come across want to brand their boxes for the first time. When I put myself in their shoes, I can feel the excitement as it gives their product life and, in some cases, even gives their life’s work a long overdue, unrivaled aesthetic appeal. Here are a few factors that determine the pricing for custom boxes

First off, volume or square footage is the first factor. To break that down further and simplify, the larger the quantity of boxes we run, the bigger the volume discount will be in price. For example, if a customer goes with a 12x12x12 inch box, the difference in square footage and therefore price of 500 boxes versus 5000 boxes will be super significant.  

Second of all, the size of the box itself will affect the price—larger boxes will have a heftier price tag and smaller boxes are typically more economic as they use less material. Second and a half, is the thickness of the corrugated itself, as that will have a tremendous impact on price. For instance, a double wall box will cost much more than a single wall as there is twice the amount of material to be used. 

Fourth, the number of colors and ink coverage will affect the unit cost. For example, a 1-color logo box will be priced better than a 4-color printed box. Also, the ink coverage is just the percentage of the cox that is printed. A flood coated box with 100% ink coverage will cost much more than a box which has a small logo covering only 10% of the box.

Good luck branding your boxes. The enthusiasm is REAL!