Why Its important to Brand Your Boxes Now

While traditional big-box, brick and mortar retail sales are spinning in a downward spiral, direct-to-consumer sales are on the rise. This means that now more than ever, is the perfect time to represent your brand correct and brand your boxes with your logo on them. I always advise my clients that are on the fences about going printed to not be penny-wise and pound-foolish and take the leap!

 Nowadays more and more products are available directly on the consumer’s doorstep, and that makes the box branding even more important. Imagine a company like “Hello Fresh” for example. They have made a convenient way for you to cook food while skipping the grocery store trip altogether. They deliver their fresh ingredients to your doorstep, and you just follow the recipe, and wallah! You now have yourself a fresh cooked meal within minutes. In other words, they have brought the grocery store and the convenience to your doorstep and that is what you pay for. Their brand speaks volumes anytime someone sees a nice, printed “Hello Fresh” box at a neighbor’s door. Had the box been made plain, it wouldn’t have the same wow factor.

More companies are now selling direct to the customer in all kinds of industries like food, cosmetics, personal hygiene, apparel, parts & automotive to name a few.  There is just so much out there now that it is important to make noise with branded custom boxes. Consumer choice is incredibly overwhelming and in order to successfully stand out and speak to the client, build loyalty and add value, branding the boxes is an easy facelift with a major impact on the brand. More and more clients of ours are launching subscription services for their customers, and their customers are so excited about the monthly subscription boxes they receive, that some of them have dedicated blog to just blogging and posting about subscription boxes all over social media! Imagine if your personal hygiene brand for example sold a subscription box of a monthly shaving kit for example. Now you have the clients who are subscribed carrying that message all over social media and snapping the box and posting photos of it on IG. What a total game changer. Brand your boxes…It’s a no brainer!